Executive Coaching
My coaching practice is centered on the executive that wants to learn, is coach able and intrigued with the idea of going beyond the traditional list of sequenced goals and milestones. I work with executives that are interested in developing a game plan in a partnership – where I can be the sounding board as well as a solution provider ‘in the moment.’ I believe in a coaching meta-model — one that is inclusive and does not rigidly adhere to meeting your needs in a prescribed manner. My tool box is vast and evolving!

I believe that coaching can be sophisticated and advance significant learning very quickly, yet can be both easy and simple. I work with fully capable, high-performing professionals, who sometimes want to work on a particular challenge, style issue or shortcoming, but more frequently, engage me to get stimulation, optimize strengths and help them transcend to the next level of leadership.

I feel I am most effective as a coach when able to move beyond the place where I feel I am critical to your success and where you need me. I believe the coaching process is most effective when we are both continually discovering and creating. I can add more value when I am not stuck in a “role as a coach” or “teacher”.

Here are some typical situations and issues clients have presented as reasons for exploring coaching and executive presence training:

► You have been identified as a high potential manager/executive.

► You are taking on a new role or have to acquire new skills.

► You need to develop leadership skills; create a vision; develop followership; implement the vision; follow through; achieve results; play on a team.

► You have a project you want to start and don’t know where to begin.

► You have a decision you need to make and want to brainstorm.

► You have a new boss with different success criteria and standards.

► Your organization is undergoing major change.

► You have something specific you want to change in your life/work.

► You have plateaued or feel burnt out in your job.

► You are having a conflict with your staff, peers or clients and need to work on interpersonal skills communication skills, organizational skills or problem solving.

►As a result of an acquisition it is uncertain what will happen to your role in the organization.

► Your professional growth is limited with your current company. You want to explore career options.

► You feel a major project you are championing is out of control. You want to get back on track.

► You do not feel you are being integrated as a strategic partner by your peers.

► The leadership team in your organization is dysfunctional. You want to take some steps to improve.

► A major life area feels out of balance and is impacting your effectiveness.

The Coaching Process
Though the process of coaching varies depending on your situation and issues, a typical approach will include some or all of these stages:

Problem Definition/Focus. We will meet/telecoach several times to determine your current perception of strengths, weaknesses, abilities, issues, objectives and focus for the coaching process.. In addition, I may interview others in the organization as appropriate and agreed upon. Or, we may decide to use an online 360 instrument to get feedback from your team, peers, superiors or customers.

Assessment. One or more assessment instruments may be used to develop a more in-depth understanding of your style profile and help you understand yourself as well as your impact on others.

Feedback/Analysis. We will analyze all of the data from the fact-finding process and assessments and jointly decide what is pertinent for the issues/learning opportunities you want to focus on. I will provide feedback and perspective as appropriate.

Game Plan. We will work together to develop a gameplan This could include traditional elements of a development/action plan with a sequence of goals and milestones as well as a more profound plan to dramatically help you transcend to the next level of leadership. You will be encouraged to share some aspects about the plan with the appropriate leader within your organization. I am available to facilitate this meeting.

Coaching. I will regularly meet with you in person or virtually over a period of time, usually no less than three (3) months and typically more like 6-12 months. Meetings/virtual sessions will focus on awareness and action taken to forward your Game Plan. In addition I am available for e-coaching throughout the process using various technologies.

Reassessment. I will help you assess the outcomes of the coaching process, including the level of accomplishment of the Game Plan.